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About us

CMA CGM Global Business Services OÜ (short GBS Estonia) is part of the CMA CGM Group, a leading worldwide shipping group founded in 1978 by Jacques R. Saadé. CMA CGM has a global presence thanks to its numerous vessels calling various ports all over the world. CMA CGM has grown continuously and has been constantly innovating to offer its clients new sea, land, air and logistics solutions. Headquartered in Marseille, the Group has employees all over the world in hundreds of agencies. Our office in Tallinn has around 350 employees and possesses strategical importance within the whole group. The presence of innovation and a technological edge alongside the hard work of our people has made GBS Estonia a trusted contributor of CMA CGM group. Therefore, you can count on us securing you a stable job for years to come.

Why choose GBS Estonia?

Employees in GBS Estonia have a unique opportunity to experience a truly multicultural working environment. As the company has offices all over the world, the internationality is sensed in various ways: from the back-ground of the people working in the Tallinn office to the everyday communication and co-operation with other offices within the group. Our global presence opens doors for employees to take on new and exciting career paths. Come and explore your opportunities with us!

Irina Tretjakovskaja, Head of GBS Estonia

How we hire

1. Application

Explore our job opportunities and send your CV and cover letter in English.

2. Screening

Recruitment team will study your profile and match your skills with the job specifications. All candidates will receive a response whether it’s positive or negative.

3. Interviews

Selected candidates will be invited for an interview with our recruiter and hiring managers. The interview will be in English.

4. Answer

Following the interview, our recruitment team will let you know if your application has been successful or not.

Explore opportunities in our teams

Previous experience in shipping is not required. We provide on-the-job training for each position.

Cargo Operations

It’s like we are in the middle of a giant puzzle making sure that all the pieces fit together perfectly. It is our task to ensure that all booked containers are scheduled on the ship. We keep the cargo moving, we maintain good contact with various ship operators, terminals and local authorities and we are the first point of contact for internal and external customers in case there are questions about cargo.


It takes a lot of cash to keep more than 500 giant vessels running 24/7 around the world. In collections we make sure the company is well-powered with cash, by ensuring our partners pay for our services on time. A collector plays a key role as a front-line intermediary, negotiator, investigator, problem solver and as a guardian of the company’s financial security.

Invoice Disputes

People with a non-standard way of thinking have an opportunity to resolve various disputes and objections and experience all 50 shades of customers emotions regarding invoice queries. Dispute team is able to scan anyone and always stand on the side of truth. No matter if it’s the client or a CMA CGM colleague, they can count on our support.

Equipment team

Car sharing, scooter lending…container renting?! Yes, you read it correctly! Containers can be rented too. But how to return them, you may ask? Well, this is where our team comes to action! We plan, we monitor, we communicate, and we save everyone’s time and money by navigating containers all around the world.

Maintenance & Repair

Would you dump your car if it had a single dent on the door? We believe you’d try to fix it by taking it to repair shop. Did you know that one rusty hole on a container wall or floor doesn’t mean that it has to be taken out of service? Containers can last up to 30 or more years if maintained properly. Our team evaluates the condition of containers and offers repair solutions.


Like with passengers in connecting flights, containers also change ships to reach their destination. Our team makes sure that all containers are being correctly loaded and unloaded from one vessel to another, so the owners could get their goods even on another side of the planet without any stress and delays. Unlike when you had to run to your plane in Frankfurt airport from one terminal to another within 10 minutes.

Cargo Readiness

Before your trip abroad, you always make sure that your suitcase is packed and all travel documents are prepared, so the journey would be free from anxiety. Same way works our Cargo Readiness squad. We are the ones who make sure that containers are ready to catch the voyage, we communicate with the ship crew, so everything goes pitch perfect and stress free.

Customer Service

Our team has a variety of tasks. The company’s cash flow is directly dependent on us ensuring the timely and accurate invoicing for our customers. The adrenaline kicks in even more when we help make sure that hazardous cargo makes it safely to the vessels or specific customer cargo reaches the desired destinations. We are here for support!

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What inspires us

GBS Estonia has not only given me the possibilities to develop my career but also discover my true strengths. It really is a world full of opportunities.


Maria-Marlene Parm, HR and Recruitment specialist 

Dorota Surdy,
Port Operations Officer

Working for GBS Estonia has been an exciting journey from the very beginning. Developing new skills under the supervision of experienced trainers, a good life-work balance and great colleagues around. Starting a new career from scratch could not be smoother! 

Sofia Marques Voogne​,
Collection Officer

Being part of Collections team has given me the chance to meet people from everywhere in the world. I work with people from different countries, from Colombia to Nigeria and myself from Portugal. I believe the diversity in this team has a big role for the success in the results.

Mike Mackie​, 
Project Manager

Our global scope has given me the opportunity to travel and collaborate with many of our talented colleagues worldwide. It has been an invaluable experience for me to develop my networking skills within different work cultures.​

Marko Oras​,
Equipment Officer & Team Trainer

At GBS Estonia you are not stuck in one role. There are opportunities for management roles and possibilities to develop yourself across different departments. I like the progressive mentality to do things better and exceed expectations. I feel heard when suggesting new ideas.

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